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I love learning from our highly experienced instructors. The combination of lectures and plenty of hands on guided practice have exceeded my expectations! The instructors are invested in our success and are always able and eager to lend a hand when needed.

Heather P.

I couldn’t have found a better Esthetics school to attend. Gail is so passionate about what she does and it shows through her teaching. Her knowledge is outstanding and truly amazing. She genuinely loves what she does and goes above and beyond in every way. I will forever recommend Mequon Thiensville School of Esthetics!

Amy M. (Class of 2020)

I leave class feeling so inspired every time! Thank you so much❤️🤓

Amber J. (Class of 2020)

In the field of Esthetics, the Mequon Thiensville School of Esthetics has a stellar reputation. There is virtually no one in this field in SE Wisconsin who doesn’t know of its quality instructors and education. Upon graduation, you will be fully qualified to start your new career whether you start your own business or work for someone else. You will be sure to find a job as all those hiring know Gail’s students are trained professionals who do not need extensive training to begin employment. This school stands out among other similar institutions as it gives extensive training in dermaplaning, chemical exfoliation and microdermabrasion as well as the basic forms of esthetics, scheduling of clientele, product knowledge and sales, including interpersonal skills. Instead of working on other students, it offers the rare experience of working in a busy setting on an extensive clientele. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience attending this program and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a career in Esthetics.

Rachel (Class of 2016)

I have been to Skin Alive several times & always leave feeling relaxed & refreshed.  Wonderful job!


Gail treated my teenage daughter for acne and scarring. Gail took time and care to make sure my daughter was comfortable and talked to her while performing microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Gail distracted her with conversation and was soothing with her when there were painful times. I thought for sure my daughter wouldn’t return, because parts of the treatment were painful. But, the results were good and after a few treatments her scarring had improved significantly!!!! I would highly recommend these treatments for acne and scarring.

Deb Theel

Attending the Mequon Thiensville School of Esthetics was an amazing opportunity. Gail has many years of experience as an esthetician and an educator. Her realistic and no nonsense approach, gave me a well rounded knowledge of the esthetics industry and what it takes to be successful. Her compassion, confidence and dedication to helping others is inspiring. Gail helped my fellow classmates (now friends) and I grow professionally and emotionally.

Suzy C.

Skin Alive is the most professional and soothing spa experience one could ever encounter. Gail (the owner) is one of the best teachers a student could learn from. She is most knowledgeable and her students are highly educated. Her establishment is most beautiful and the attention to detail is very evident in all aspects. Do yourself, and your body a favor, and schedule your treatment today!


I first came to Gail 8 years ago to purchase a SkinCeuticals product. She was so knowledgeable about the product and the skin in general, that I invested in many products in the line, as well as monthly student microdermabrasion (and some facials). My skin has never looked better! I will continue to visit Gail’s students on a monthly basis to keep my face looking as young and smooth as possible. Gail makes sure her students are performing at top quality and that means I will always get an amazing microdermabrasion or facial treatment.

Leslie Peters

I had scaring along my jaw line and had received microdermabrasion treatments at several different spas. While my skin felt nice after those treatments, the scars were not diminishing. Then I met Gail at Skin Alive. She listened to my story, looked at my skin and without hesitation said she could fix the scaring. With every treatment from Gail I saw a noticeable improvement in my skin. Gail gave me the gift of being able to love my skin again.

I wanted to be able to share that gift with others as well. When I learned Gail was the owner and lead instructor for Mequon Thiensville School of Esthetics, I decided becoming an esthetician was the perfect way for me to be able to help others love their skin. The training at school was a perfect balance of text book based education and hands-on experience working with clients. The school has a great base of clients that prefer to work with the students. I especially enjoyed forming relationships with clients who booked all of their appointments with me during my time at school.

My education at Mequon Thiensville School of Esthetics gave me the knowledge experience and confidence to open my own skin care business. It is a dream come true and I am thankful to have a career that allows me to take care of others every single day.

Melissa M.

I have been going to Skin Alive for many years starting with my initial visits in Thiensville.  Their move to the new location (fairly long ago) has a wonderful ambiance and truly provides a spa-like experience.  The schools’ facials are comparable to any of our local spas only much less expensive.  For Xmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays, I ask my kids to buy me Skin Alive gift certificates because I know I’ll use them.  I’ve also gifted friends a Skin Alive facial and they were all thrilled.  Some of them had never had a facial before.

Daryll Michaelis

Best value for your $!! I have been going for years and have never had a poor service. 5 stars and more!!

Lisa T.

I love this school! Because of Gail and her students, I can maintain a regular regimen that is affordable and of great benefit to my skin. My esthetician is always on time, friendly, and fully answers any questions I have. I have full confidence in their abilities and will continue to utilize and recommend this school for as long as I am able.

Julie S.

I have been going to the Mequon-Thiensville School of Esthetics for over 20 years. I really don’t have any skin problems due to the fact that I have been getting a facial once a month there. The school is reputable and knowledgeable. The skin care products are amazing, as well. I absolutely look forward to going there for the amazing facials that I feel like I am in heaven!

Ericka Foeger

Thanks to Mequon Thiensville School of Aesthetics I was able to get a job working as a dermatology nurse practitioner with a clinic that specializes in various skincare issues, aesthetic procedures, lasers, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.  I am certain that the skills and certifications I obtained through this wonderful program were essential in me being a prime candidate for the position.

Natasha Wilson