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Frequently asked questions

Q1: How do I become a medical aesthetician?

Answer. There is no such thing. We work clinically with clients. Our school teaches you advanced training such as Microdermabrasion, Chemical Exfoliation, and Dermaplaning. You will perform these treatments on the school’s clientele. We are not trained to do medical procedures and the State Board does not allow us to call ourselves “medical aestheticians”. Our school is ahead of the learning curve and our students are taught advanced procedures so they are able to utilize their knowledge, right after they become licensed.

Q2: I need continuing education and need to be re-certified every two years. Do you do that? If so, what services do you provide?

Answer. Yes. We can get you certified or re-certified in: Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Micro-needling, Brow and Lash Enhancements and Eyelash Extensions.

Q3: Do you offer a payment plan?

Answer. Yes we do. Your tuition will have to be paid in full by the completion of the program, but we work with you to spread out tuition fees during your enrollment period. We also have banks that offer student loans.

Q4: Where do we take our state board examinations?

Answer. There are different testing sites, the state governs where the examinations will be. We will work with you to help fill in any blanks in regard to your state exam. You will have to perform a written and practical examination in order to secure your Esthiology license. You become certified after taking our 450 hour Esthiology exam.

Q5: I have a job but want to switch professions. How much studying do I have to do each week so I can see if I can manage both?

Answer. Many students work and go to school so we have set up the curriculum to be “life-friendly” meaning school is on Mondays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. This gives you plenty of study time during the week.

Q6: What kind of places can I work upon graduation?

Answer. Salons, Health clubs, Health spas, Plastic Surgeon and Dermatology offices, Licensed schools, Cosmetic companies, Medi-spas, even your own home or office.

Q7: What can I expect as far as salary is concerned?

Answer. Most spas offer commission, it usually runs 40, 50 or 60% for a service that you would perform. So, if the facial is $100.00 and they gave you 50%, you would earn $50.00. There is also typically commission on selling products which can be anywhere from 1% and above. Some physicians/salons offer hourly rates and some offer health insurance.

Q8: Once I am licensed am I able to perform services like Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, and laser without a physician?

Answer. You are able to perform Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels without a physician, but you will need a medical director to do any type of laser services.

Q9: Do I need a manager’s license to open a skincare salon?

Answer. No, you will need to get approved for an establishment license. You will have to go to the Safety and Professional Services website and complete the application form and retrieve the necessary information that they will require you to have.

Q10: Am I allowed to work before I take the state board examination?

Answer. Once you complete your application and pay the applicable fees to take your examination, you will receive a temporary permit to work for 6 months, with no renewal after 6 months.