Kimberly Grasso Kimberly Grasso is a registered aroma therapist and a graduate of the Australasian College of Health & Sciences. She has been studying aromatherapy and the subtle properties of essential oils since 1995.

Armed with little more than scant instructions and a hand-drawn map to her place of study, Kimberly made her way from Milwaukee WI to rural, southern France in August 1999. During her time in France, Kimberly studied with a group of burgeoning aromatherapists and world-renowned Aromatologist naturalist and botanist, , Dr. Malte Hozzel  in a charming laboratory and farmhouse an hour outside Auerl France. Each day, Kimberly and the other students ventured into the vast fragrant fields to learn about the generation, distillation and clinical use of essential oils.

This first, picturesque learning experience at the foothills of the Luberon Mountains initiated Kimberly’s quest to expand her knowledge of the Hippocratic Temperaments and the implementation of clinical aromatherapy. After more than 300 workshops written and taught in SE Wisconsin, Kimberly has become a premier teacher and voice in SE Wisconsin on the topic of therapeutic and spiritual Aromatherapy.
In 2001 Kimberly started her journey with Reiki and became Reiki I Certified. Then in 2003 Reiki II and then in 2005 becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Kimberly brings to every one of her private sessions, classes & lectures, a combination of bio dynamics, Eastern philosophy, and Plant Spirit Medicine. She continues to broaden the scope of her knowledge, working toward a truly holistic approach to health & spiritual well-being. She will be teaching and leading the Aromatherapy Programs being offered at Skin Alive Ltd starting Fall of 2017.