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NEW Aromatherapy Class Offered!

Therapeutic Essential Oils for the Skin Class:
Sunday, September 10, 2017 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
There are a limited number of spaces available, so please call 262-242-3505 or email

It is to my great excitement to announce that starting this Fall, we will be offering a variety of highly educational and knowledge packed aromatherapy programs and workshops at the school. To kick things off we are offering a full day certificate class called Therapeutic Essential Oils For The Skin taught by aromatherapist, Kimberly Grasso.
In this program you will learn the importance of precise dilution; to what extent essential oils are dermaly absorbed; how to use them to address skin problems such as acne, fungal infections, psoriasis, rosacea and sun damage, and how to make up simple preparations with safe yet effective ingredients. In addition to that we will cover healing oils, transdermal absorption, dryness /oiliness. Irritation and allergy prone skin. What is microbial imbalance and how to repair the skin after trauma. What is photosensitivity and how to identify it, and much much more.  Everything presented in this program is all evidence-based. Most of the evidence consists of research articles, and some is based on photographs and/or case information from practitioners first hand experience.
What you will take from The Program:

  • How to identify the most appropriate essential oils to use in addressing common skin complaints.
  • How to calculate safe and effective concentrations of these oils.
  • How to decide on the most appropriate product base to use.
  • A scientific explanation for why each oil does what it does.

You should register for The Program if:

  • You want to know which are the most proven effective oils for treating specific skin complaints.
  • You want to know how to incorporate essential oils in the treatment room
  • You are confused by conflicting information about how to safely use essential oils on the skin.
  • You want access to the science behind the cosmeceutical actions of essential oils.
  • You already know something about essential oils, and you want to know more.

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I have been going to the Mequon Thiensville School of Esthetics for over 20 years. I really don’t have any skin problems due to the fact that I have been getting a facial once a month there. The school is reputable and knowledgeable. The skin care products are amazing as well. I absolutely look forward to going there for the amazing facials that make me feel like I am in heaven.
- Ericka

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